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When You Are Planning Your Christmas Shopping List This Year, Pause And Think!

It is that time of the year again Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and the impending promise of end-of-year festivities with Christmas and New Year around the corner. Desires seem to suddenly become needs and excuses for us to shop the holidays away. Holidays are a galore of marketing, sales, shiny new promotions, and discounts. The end of the year festivities is yet another excuse for unfettered capitalism in our societies. The fast fashion industry for one remains responsible for the increased levels of consumption during the holidays and the debilitating cycle of throwaway culture.  According to the World Economic Forum , Americans spend up to $1 trillion on online shopping, with a massive $150 billion going to various online retailers on average. Meanwhile, in the UK , around 350,000 tonnes of clothing are sent to landfills annually and there is even greater accumulation during the festive season.  The commercialization of end of the year holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas con